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Some people think you need a PhD, an MBA, or some other combination of letters after your name to be successful, but entrepreneur, author, and speaker Tim Knox has proven that just isn’t true.

As a serial entrepreneur, Tim has founded four successful technology companies and served as an investor, mentor and adviser to many companies in his home town of Huntsville, Alabama.

As a teacher, Tim is a certified FastTrac® instructor who has led countless events and seminars, and has lectured extensively on the subjects of entrepreneurship, small business, technology, digital media, and online business.

As a popular speaker and comedian, bestselling author, talk radio host, syndicated business columnist, and self-professed business junkie, Tim’s unique perspective is enjoyed by thousands who listen to his podcast, watch his videos, read his books and columns, and hear him speak every year.

Tim KnoxWhether talking about business, success, motivation, life, family, kids, or dogs (he has 9 at last count) Tim’s colorful message is filled with good humor and common sense: two things that are sorely lacking in the world today.

And Tim’s message is spreading fast.

His work can be found on over 35,000 different websites and that number grows every week.

Topics available for keynote or seminars include:

  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Team Building
  • Managing Change
  • Custom programs

Tim is also available for:

  • Live or recorded event hosting
  • Master of ceremonies
  • Radio or television hosting or interviews
  • Infomercial hosting
  • Anything that requires a sharp wit and quick tongue

hosting-1Tim can also make you laugh. As a veteran standup comedian, he has worked with some of the biggest names in comedy, including Jeff Foxworthy, Ron White, Gallagher, Tom Parks, Killer Beez, and dozens of others.

Your audience will find much more here than funny stories and keen insights about business: they’ll find real-world advice based on Tim’s own successful career as a corporate executive, entrepreneur and teacher.

In previous lives Tim worked as a corporate slave, a talk radio show host, an underground newspaper editor, an award-winning humor columnist, and an almost-syndicated cartoonist.

Tim lives in Huntsville, Alabama with “one wife, two kids, and nine dogs.”

tim-speaking-live-4As he says, “Who could ask for anything more?”

Check out Tim’s entire video library at TimKnox.com.

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