Books by Tim Knox

Tim is the author of over a dozen small business books and over 300 newspaper columns. He is also a writer of mysteries, short stories, and humor. Below is a selection of Tim’s books, including some that you can get for making a donation to Madison Small Pups.

Business Advice

If you could combine the business acumen of Steven Covey with the down-home humor of Jeff Foxworthy, you’d have entrepreneur and comedian Tim Knox. In Everything I Know About Business I Learned from My Mama, Tim offers a refreshingly funny account of his rise from backwoods poverty to wealth and success. Along the way, he presents commonsense lessons on the basics of business—lessons learned from owning and operating businesses in the real world, not in some business school fantasy land. Knox might be funny, but his message is pretty serious— if you believe in yourself and your abilities, and accept responsibility for your own life, achievement and fulfillment is right around the corner.
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When Dr. Adrian Zoebel, the rich, handsome cancer specialist twice voted one of L.A.’s Most Eligible Bachelors, is accused of ending the lives of twelve of his terminally-ill patients, L.A. Times investigative reporter Matthew Cruze is determined to uncover the truth. But before Cruze can start digging Hollywood mega-producer Marc Cronenburg rushes to Zoebel’s defense and secludes the good doctor in his Malibu mansion. Cronenburg uses his considerable political clout to not only get the charges against Zoebel dropped, but to also get the medically-assisted suicide laws changed in California. Why the sudden interest in the right-to-die movement? Cronenburg is known for creating ultra-violent reality shows, not for his compassion for the sick and dying. What could his true motive be?
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Make A Donation, Download An Ebook

The following ebooks are available as PDF downloads in exchange for a modest donation to Madison Small Pups Rescue & Adoption.  They are short, quick reads that I think you’ll enjoy.  Just click an image to make a donation of $5 per ebook and I will personally email you my thanks and the link for the ebook.  You can get all 5 ebooks for a donation of just $20. Keep in mind, my team is not online 24/7, so the download link will be sent during normal business hours.

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